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Stefania Hurko (née Deychakiwska),  poet, playwright,  member of the  Ukrainian Canadian Writers Organization (Slovo), was born in the village of Yamnytsia, Stanislaviv oblast (today Ivano-Frankivsk) of Western Ukraine, on February 13, 1924. 

She graduated high school in Stanislaviv , and finished her pedagogical studies in Kolomiya.  For a short while she taught in the Carpathian village of Yablunytsia, near Vorokhta.

In 1939, she joined the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), and spent 1941-42  in German occupied eastern Ukraine as part of an underground movement known as "pokhidni hrupy" to proclaim Ukrainian independence. From 1944 to 1947  she worked as a courier for the the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council's (UHVR) foreign delegation in western Europe. During these times she was also a student at Universite de Paris, Faculte des Lettres, Ecole  de Preparation des Professeurs de Francais a L'Etranger.

In 1948, in Regensburg, Germany, in a displaced persons' camp, she married Eugene Hurko.  They  emigrated to Australia and settled in the capital city of South Australia, Adelaide, where their daughter Marijka and son Andrew were born.  The couple were active in the cultural life of the city's Ukrainian community. 

In 1956 the family emigrated to  Canada and settled in Toronto where their third child, Roman, was born. From 1963  Stefania worked at the University of Toronto Library until her retirement in 1989.  

In the summer of 1991 she was a volunteer worker in Ukraine, translating English and French documents for the Commission of Cultural and Spiritual Rennaissance of the Ukrainian Verchovna Rada (Parliament) in Kyiv.

Stefania wrote poetry, plays and political satire which have been published in Ukrainian periodicals and journals in Canada and the U.S.  

Her works of poetry, prose, and drama include: Three Sources (1989);  Urban Metastasis (1994); The Tumultuous Years (1994); On the Edge of Perception (1996);  Testament of the Ages (1999);   Events, People and Encounters on My Life’s Path (a Memoir) (2005).  Some of her poetry has been translated into English and published in Yarmarok Ukrainian Writing in Canada Since the Second World War. Some of her works have been published under the pseudonyms  -  Gennadij Gwynt or Sofia Samotynska